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Amazing condition second hand Metropoulos JTM 45 with a Zilla cab in stock. Hardwired in America, this versatile amp is a great foundation for tone.

THE METROPOULOS AMPLIFICATION GPM 45 HEAD accurately re-creates the head version of a 1965 era Marshall JTM 45. The tone is warm and creamy in all the right ways. Fender-y when you want it to be, bluesy when you have to be and authentic 1960's British tones at every turn of a knob. It weeps, it moans and it sings with a vocal voice like no other amp.

According to Premier Guitar Magazine, our GPM 45 has "an ease about it that made it feel like a broken-in vintage head, making it a breeze to dig in, or to lay back on the strings and feel the amp act as in instrument. It was truly inspiring. Of all the amps in roundup, this amp sounded the most like our '65 — frighteningly close!"

• Angus Young
• CNC stamped 14g aluminum chassis
• Drake replica transformers
• PEC 2 watt Mil spec pots
• Allen Bradley NOS carbon comp resistors
• SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
• Mercury magnetic transformers & choke
• Era correct head cab and aesthetics
• Authentic perforated terminal board
• Vintage correct layout and construction
• 38 watts