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Refurbished by Yamaha, damaged packaging, amp in full working order.

Whatever you need, the Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amp has you covered. For a start, it's compatible with electric guitars, acoustics, and basses. So it doesn't matter what kind of axe you play - it'll work with this amp. You've got plenty of choice as well. The THR10II features 15 different guitar amp models, 3 bass amps, and 3 microphone models that'll let you quickly change up the sound of your instrument. Add in its excellent sound quality and sensational tonal balance at every frequency, and you've got a versatile desktop amp for any and every guitarist.

The THR10II may be small. But it packs a frankly gigantic number of ways for you to play with your sound. With EQ and built-in effects, there are numerous ways you can change up your tone already pre-loaded. But you can take them further. The supremely easy-to-use THR Remote editing app will let you craft voices for your instrument straight from your phone or computer, then save them to the amp for instant use with your guitar.

Music should be effortless. And it is with the Yamaha THR10II. It's not big or clunky, so you don't need to worry about finding a load of space for it. Compact enough to sit on a shelf, it's also got a sleek, stylish design that'll fit in with the decor of your home. So there'll be no more dragging out big amps and setting them up whenever you want to play.

This is an amplifier that's multi-functional too. Because it's Bluetooth enabled, you can play your own tunes through the amp and use it as an extremely high quality speaker. Whether you're listening to music or making it, the THR10II makes it hassle-free.


  • Model Name: Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amp

  • Model Code: GTHR10II

  • No. of Speakers: 2

  • Speaker Size: 3.1''

  • Amp Power: 20 Watts

  • Amp Models: 15 Guitar, 3 Bass, 3 Acoustic, 3 Flat

  • Effects:

    • Chorus

    • Flanger

    • Phaser

    • Tremolo

    • Echo

    • Echo/Reverb

    • Spring Reverb

    • Hall Reverb

  • EQ:

    • Bass

    • Middle

    • Treble

  • Connections:

    • Input (0.25'')

    • Aux (Stereo Mini)

    • Phones (Stereo Mini)

    • DC In

    • USB

  • Bluetooth: Yes

  • Chromatic Tuner: Yes

  • Power Supply: AC Adapter

  • Dimensions: 368mm x 183mm x 140mm

  • Weight: 3 KG

  • Accessories: AC Adapter (15V 3A), Quick Guide, Cubase AI Download Access Code