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QSC are the leaders

in live sound solutions offering world-class professional tools, systems and solutions for live sound. QSC PA systems are quick to set up, great sounding and look professional. Road tested and reliable the PA Speakers, Power Amps & Digital Mixers can be relied on year after year whatever you require.

With power amplification, loudspeaker, digital signal processing (DSP) and digital mixer engineering resources all located under one roof in Costa Mesa, California, QSC are able to employ the most stringent quality control processes in the industry. As a result, reliability plays a big factor in QSC being one of the most trusted Live Sound and PA brands for audio professionals around the world.

You'd expect the level of cutting-edge technology, attention to detail and reliability to cost a small fortune, but QSC manage to keep costs down and supply top quality solutions at a reasonable price.

QSC K-Series Loudspeakers

Lightweight and portable professional powered loudspeakers. Great for gigging bands, DJ’s, presenters, and a wide variety of portable PA applications, the K-Series are also great for instrument amplification applications. Available in a 8" (K8), 10" (K10), 12" (K12)and a 1000w, 2x12" Subwoofer - the K-Sub.

The new K.2 range of speakers offer an incredible 2000watts of power in the same size enclosure to the original K series.  check out the K8.2, K10.2 and K12.2

QSC GX Series Amplifiers

Thanks to 40 years of in-house research and development, QSC have become the clear leader in power amplifier products and technology. The GX3, GX5 and GX7 power amplifiers are an analogue solution ideal for small, medium and larger stereo PAs. Their integrated GuardRail protection circuitry prolongs the lifespan of your speakers and amplifier, representing a superb long-term investment for you and your band.

The QSC GXD digital amplifier series consists of two amplifiers, the GXD4 and GXD8, each providing enormous Class-D power in a lightweight and efficient package.  The universal switchmode power supply helps reduce the weight, increase efficiency, and ensures rock-solid continued operation even with poor power conditions.

QSC Touchmix Digital Mixers

Perhaps one of the most cutting-edge designs we've seen in recent years, the QSC Touchmix series bridge the gap between pure analogue sound quality and the convenience of mobile, digital mixing technology. In a compact chassis as light as your average laptop, the Touchmix offers full wireless connectivity to your iPad or smartphone so you can control your mix from anywhere in the room. 

QSC will have a PA solution to suit any situation, whether you're a DJ, Band or Touring act. Call into Musicstreet to demo a QSC rig and hear for yourself!