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The EchoTAP™ delay was designed to simulate the vintage Tape Echo Machines, plus it can be used as a modern digital delay or any flavor in between. This delay utilizes a TAP Tempo channel and a Panel settable channel that the musician can switch between on the fly. The TAP Tempo can be set from 30ms to 3 seconds; the panel echo can be set from 50ms to 3 seconds. The TAP tempo and the Panel set echo have their own separate Echo Volume controls. This is useful because many musicians use two different echoes and volumes and delay settings during a single composition.

The Tone control shapes the echoes from vintage Tape Echo Machine sounds and decay, to crystal clear replications, or any blend in between. The EchoTAP™ has two inputs and two outputs for use in stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, or mono in/mono out (all Inputs and outputs utilize True Bypass switching). The Stereo image is wide and spacious! As in all DLS™ units, we use the analog instrument signal and mix it with the echo signals (this leaves your instrument sound and tone as is).